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The reason kids/teens love it so much is because it is one of the only apps that is relatively private. It is the only app your mom cannot trace back to you after seeing you tagged in a photo, the way she can on Facebook or Instagram. Snapchat is used in multiple ways, but this is how I see it being used between me and my other teen friends: for fun (ugly selfies, silly pictures, etc.), or in a way my mother would be horrified to see children use it (she calls it a “porn portal”).And remember Snap Save, an app where you can screenshot the picture sent to you, without the person knowing.As a teen, if one of those pictures gets out at school, your whole social life is over.It’s like listening in on a phone call; it’s creepy. You can either put your picture to your “story,” meaning you put it up on a page that displays the image to all of your Snapchat contacts, or you can send the picture to individual people.The Snapchats my friends and I send each other are mostly just double chins and weird pictures of our pets with some dumb caption. I know if your parent reads your texts, Snapchat is your new savior. With Snapchat, your nude cannot (typically) be traced back to you, due to the fact that the photo literally lasts 10 seconds, or less. With Snapchat, we use text and sometimes draw on our images. But it can also be used for other types of photos: the stuff of nightmares for parents.

This is probably one of the worst things a person could do to you on this app. You choose who you follow, who follows you, and in general, you’re following your friends.

This is pretty appealing to teens Personally, I do not recommend sending them in the first place, though.

To every teenager thinking of sending a nude over Snapchat: Just because it goes away in 10 seconds does not mean it won't last a lot longer.

Snapchat disappears so quickly, whatever you say will not be traced back to you. I just graduated eighth grade, so when my friends get in trouble, it isn’t typically for sending “nudes,” because, well, we’re 13 and 14.

Instead, Snapchat can be used as a bullying method.

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Often people post “stories” of who they are with, what they are doing, etc. (Mindy Kaling said it best: I have received hurtful Snapchats, but I have no proof that they ever said anything to me, because the picture went away in 10 seconds.

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