Updating intellisense hangs 2016 Sexchating kerala girls

Updating intellisense hangs 2016

The folks on the team I worked with were awesome in terms getting on it quickly and trying hard to find the problem.Even for me it seemed to happen in some solutions and not in others.I've been working on a number of projects since the Fall 2015 that are all central around various SPA technologies including Aurelia, Angular, and Cordova.I kept asking other MVPs, RDs, and friends who are .NET and Web developers about how Visual Studio 2015 seemed really unstable and crashed on me all the time, asking if they had seen the same thing.And most had not, or had only occassionally seen that kind of thing.But for those that triggered it, it was pretty obvious - open a JS file with Angular code in it, and watch the memory progressively run away in Task manager.

And even once they discovered the correlation with Angular I could still open some (smaller-ish) Angular projects and work with them without the memory leak occuring.

For me it was all day every day at least 5-10 crashes a day. So I reached out to the VS team and described my problems and that they seemed related to the JS Language Service.

I had not made the correlation that it was Angular JS code only that was making it happen.

There is good news - the cause of the last bullet has been identified and a fix is on the way in the next update to Visual Studio 2015.

And there is a pretty easy workaround to eradicate the problem until then.

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Finally we tracked it down to Web Essentials could also add some stuff to your machine that even if you uninstalled it did not clear the problem.

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