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There are a number of potential warning signs you should look at for when assessing if someone you are romantically interested in may have problems formulating close relationships, which is sure-fire indicator of possible fears of intimacy. Please note that the signs listed here are somewhat generalized, meaning you have to take all of the signs and put them together in order to arrive at a place of thinking intimacy issues may be at play.

A person struggling with a fear of intimacy will often have a difficult time committing to one person in a romantic relationship.

Once that period ends however, they often move on to someone new to replicate the feelings and emotions experienced during the previous relationship.

It is the “high” of the honeymoon that causes them to jump from one dating experience or relationship experience to another.

Fears of intimacy cannot be treated in couples counseling either.

Instead, the person has to recognize the problem exists in their lives and then go about the business or reaching out for help and guidance.

With that shared, it is not uncommon for fears of intimacy to surface during couples therapy sessions.

This can happen as counselor begins to help the couple work through various relationship challenges and material from the past is uncovered from both people in the session.

Relationship addicts by definition cling to the newness of a given romance during the honeymoon period.

Generally speaking, people who have a fear of intimacy can seem cold and distant in romantic relationships. You will find yourself feeling aggravated and confused about how they feel about you and your relationship, primarily because they simply don’t know how to express themselves.

One thing you need to understand now is that you will not be able to “fix” this person or somehow magically get them to “love” you.

As a result, their relational history is usually scattered at best, hallmarked by a lack of longer term romantic relationships.

Some of become involved A good way to know if you are dealing with someone who has a fear of intimacy is to notice how many times you find yourself trying to get them to express how they feel.

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