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But how did a former cocaine user and murder suspect become a guru to over 30,000 people in the UK?

As the founder of the controversial, multi-billion-dollar therapy NLP, he can get inside your head, and quick.

As you feel moved to buy books about NLP, you will read articles and advertisements about them – as you read this article for example – to the point where you now start to scan the surrounding columns.

A person can gain enormous confidence and undergo a life-changing experience by attending an NLP course and watching NLP videos as well as going by the books counter.

This may not be relevant to you, but think of the knowledge you will gain and the benefits that may flow to you, if you read all the other pages on this website as well as this one about embedded commands.

I wouldn’t advise you to sign up for any NLP course or buy any books on the subject until you are fully satisfied that they can provide you with what you want and that they are great investments for you. Double the picture and make it brighter, then double it again and again until you are right in it, and let your mind drift...

All of which are valid considerations in advance of meeting Richard Bandler.

let any sounds drift off into the distance because they are not important ...

Now, before you buy any NLP books and before you enrol on an NLP course, read through this article again very carefully and see how many unidentified embedded commands and weasel phrases you can find.

Kate Burt signs up for a session How, exactly, does one go about interviewing a man who has dedicated his life's work to the art of mind control?

Are difficult questions going to be swept under a carpet of charm? Will this piece, mysteriously, write itself as a glowing appraisal?

But when you buy NLP books you might find you are well on the way to success and happiness.

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The sooner you attend an NLP course the sooner you will feel better.

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