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I'm a seamstress, and I'm trying to get my name out there I have a small business selling hats (I'll send you a link to it below), but I'm also trying to branch off and make and sell Lolita dresses. I've been looking at this steampunk lolita dress in particular for over a year but I'd have to get it shipped from Japan.

Anyways, I'd be happy to make and sell you one if you'd like. com/thefancydragonscollections This design is beautiful Anyway, I think you can wear what you want, according to your country's law...

x D a plushie omg that would be cute Ou O ..although a plushie of fluttershy in general would be nice, I see pinkie and twillight plushies all the time in hamleys but I dunno if I've ever seen large fluttershy plushie there .3.

Photography by: Editing by: me Outfit comes from my closet, hehe. About the matter though, I guess we'd all have to find a pose which we think suits us.

As long as it doesn't look too babyish, and still has some class along with kawaii ^^ Well anyways, enjoy Ahhh ;_; please,, explain me how to make a line art and digital coloring like this?

Hi, read your artist description and noticed you were saying you wanted a Lolita dress. I live in Ireland and the lack of decent shops is outrageous. I m very confusing , theres many brushes, but they trace lines not 'diagonally', I dont know how to explain...I've been really interested in lolita fashion lately ^^ It inspires me artistically. before I ll be so old and gray that I could not even take a pen in my hand anymore.... if you looks my digital painting, you'll see how ugly is it, the effects are really flat and boring... I wonder if you can explain the setting you used in that video tutorial? I use the pen, it's the best tool for lining, and I don't play around with my brush settings XD I use the standard settings.I imagine if Mika was a lolita, she would be sweet lolita :3 I like sweet lolita to a point. I started for years, but nothing change, because I can't read the proper tutorials that bring me exactly to obtain this finish effect... you can't go out in bathing suit, but some lolita styles are elegant and respectable...

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Also I made this in windows paint because aint nobody got time to pay for photoshop.

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