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Woodlice residing in your residence would be an indication that the living conditions in your house, is not hygienic.

It is recommended to eradicate the woodlice, and treating the root cause (rotting wood or timber if any) which attract the woodlice to be part of your residents at home.

The females carry their eggs attached to the underside of their body until the young hatch. Woodlice possess a shell-like exoskeleton, which they progressively shed.

A woodlouse’s main diet is decomposing vegetation, hence it can be found quite commonly in gardens.

A woodlouse or plural woodlice (plural) is a member of Crustacea, which includes crabs, shrimps and lobsters amongst its relatives.

These crustaceans do occasionally consume dead, rotting and decaying animals as well.

They come indoors frequently, surviving in any dark, damp and cool places they can find.

Good spots for woodlice include mouldy wood flooring and carpeting.

1) An electronic insect repellent can drive the woodlice out.

They will also eat their own kind, who has died or even their own faeces.

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Woodlice need moisture to survive because they lose water rapidly through their cuticle and by excretion.

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