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• Introduction • Materials • Techniques - Embossing - Enamelling - Champlevé - Cloisonné - Basse-Taille - Plique-à-jour - Niello • History of Jewellery Making - Early History - Renaissance Jewellery (c.1400-1600) - Era of King Louis XIV (ruled 1643-1715) - 18th-Century Jewellery - 19th Century Jewellery The Goldsmith's Art A metalworker who specializes in crafting gold and precious metals is known as a goldsmith.Traditionally, goldsmiths have also worked with silver, platinum, alloys like bronze, copper, lead, and iron as well as gemstones.Considered to be decorative art, jewellery is one of the oldest categories of precious metalwork.There are many different types of jewellery, including: crowns, tiaras, necklaces, earrings, amulets, bracelets, rings, studs, brooches, torcs, chains, tie-pins, hat-pins, hairpins, belt and shoe buckles, ankle bracelets and toe rings.

An important type of Egyptian art as well as the more nomadic Celtic culture, jewellery was a feature of Byzantine art in Medieval Kiev, African art throughout the Dark Continent, Oceanic art across the Pacific and both Aztec and Inca culture in the Americas.Indeed, jewellery - like body painting and face painting - has been a fundamental element of tribal art for millennia.Jewels have also been used to adorn weapons, as well as ceremonial and religious objects.During the era of modern art, movements like Art Nouveau and the later Art Deco, inspired new ranges of decorative jewels, while a number of famous artists dabbled in jewellery design including: Picasso, the sculptor Alexander Calder, the surrealists Meret Oppenheim and Salvador Dali, and the assemblage artist Louise Nevelson.Made by goldsmiths, as well as other master-craftsmen like silversmiths, gemologists, diamond cutters/setters and lapidaries, jewellery is prized for both its aesthetics and the value of its components, which typically include gold or silver, and a variety of precious and semi-precious stones.

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Such decorative adornments were first made in prehistoric times - as confirmed by cave paintings showing figures wearing necklaces and bracelets - and have since become a regular feature of most cultures throughout the ages.

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