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Consolidating company limited guarantee

(Where the company is an LTD Company, a Private Company Limited by shares, registered under the Companies Act 2014 and has only one director, the documents should be signed by the sole director - does not apply to previously incorporated Private Limited by Shares companies unless they have converted under Part 2 of the Act to the new company model LTD).The above-listed documents are required to be annexed to the annual return of a limited company on delivery to the CRO.No financial statements are required to be annexed to the first annual return which is delivered by a company post-incorporation.This return is required to be made up to the date which is six months after the date of the company's incorporation.Link to Account Certification and Filing Accounts Electronically If a company fails to comply with the requirements, the annual return will be rejected by the CRO.In addition the company and every officer of the company who is in default will be liable to a category 3 offence - fine not exceeding €5000.(Small and Medium companies have certain exemptions).

The Companies Act 2014 requires directors of all companies to lay the following financial statements and reports before the company members at the AGM: The annual financial statements and directors' report must be signed on behalf of the directors by two directors.Financial Statements Companies are required to keep proper books of account which give a true and fair view of the company's financial affairs.Companies are also required to disclose details of their financial statements at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and to attach a copy of those financial statements to the annual return filed with the CRO.This means that each set of financial statements must start on the first day after the period covered by the last set of financial statements filed with the CRO.Public limited companies and private limited companies prepare annual financial statements in accordance with Parts 6/17 of the Companies Act 2014.

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Financial statements Requirements The financial statements requirements for different company types and sizes are detailed in the following pages - • Small • Medium • Group • Large • Guarantee • Unlimited NEW OBLIGATIONS REGARDING FINANCIAL STATEMENTS IN THE 2014 COMPANIES ACT Under the Commencement Order the following new obligations in Part 6 of the 2014 Act were commenced in respect of financial years beginning on or after 1 June 2015: Company cannot file two annual returns with the same set of financial statements Section 347(4), Companies Act 2014, states that every document annexed to an annual return shall cover the period since the end of the period covered by the financial statements annexed to the preceding annual return and shall be made up to a date falling not more than 9 months before the date to which the return is made up.

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