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Autococker dating guide

Here is a good list of early WGP markers extensive here.Just a quick reference guide to help folks decide what year their WGP cocker is.).***This does NOT completely apply to an E-Blade autococker.It is a dual purpose part on the marker that not only fires the marker but also starts the process in which the marker resets(autococks) itself.On this frame, notice the hole in the trigger itself.

Keep that small hole in mind, we'll be coming back to it later.

There are several different frame options for autococker markers and most frames are all compatible on all autococker markers.

In this guide, I'm going to discuss the basics of the Autococker Paintball Marker. After the "semi-auto rage" kicked in the sniper was slow and not able to keep up with the new semi auto guns.

The first section of this guide I am going to start with the different parts of the marker and explain how they work. As the gun was developed into a semi auto marker legendary marker was created and it was used for nearly 15 years in tournament and recreational paintball all over the world.

This gun was made in the early 90's by Bud Orr, the creator of the first autococker and the former owner of WGP.

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Trigger Frames- On the autococker, the trigger frame is one of the most important parts of the gun.

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