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If less than 20 employees are to be dismissed because of redundancy an employer should consult with each affected employee before dismissal notices are handed out, so that there is a chance of real consultation and time for the employee to respond.

The statutory notice period is one week for every complete year worked, however your contract may state that you should be given a longer notice period such as one or three months.

If more than 20 employees are to be dismissed because of redundancy, the law states that there should be a period of collective consultation between the employer and appropriate employee representatives and that this period of consultation should begin in 'good time'.

The legislation states that this should be at least 30 days before the first dismissals take place if 20-99 employees are to be dismissed.

Am I entitled to any compensation in lieu of notice?

An employee who is being dismissed by reason of redundancy is entitled to the same notice period as that to which he would be entitled if being dismissed for any other reason.

If this condition has not been fulfilled then you are entitled to a payment in lieu of notice or it may be considered an unfair dismissal.

From what you say it suggests that the correct procedure has not been followed.

You can find specialist employment law solicitors in your local area on our website If you have been employed with the company for less than two years are you entitled to anything?Greg Paine from Armchair Advice answers all your redundancy questions.I was recently made redundant with no notice given.This depends on whether you were dismissed by reason of redundancy or for any other reason.It is therefore unusual for redundancies to be made with no notice given.

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I don't know the specific circumstances here, for example has the employer gone into administration, but wonder if any other employees were also made redundant and if so how many?

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